Hi, I’m Peter


I'm a Transformational Coach, Breathwork Coach, Physical Therapist & RMT, and yes, there is a story behind this evolution, and it all began when I failed to help the love of my life out of pain!


What started off as an innocent pain in her left shoulder blade, something that I treated often and with success, became a horror show. Her pain not only became more unbearable, but it then manifested to the left side of her neck, her shoulder, her hip and then to her lower back. Waking up crying in pain several nights a week, relying on valium/ xanax and other strong pain meditation, just so that she could go to sleep, became the norm. She then lost her job because she could no longer sit longer than 15 minutes at a time on her office chair without experiencing unbearable pain and had to make frequent doctor visits.

''We spent thousands of euros''

on chiropractors, osteopaths, physiotherapists, massage therapists, nutritionists, healers, kinesiologists, specialist doctors, MRI’s, blood tests. This lasted for FOUR YEARS, not one solid diagnosis, ZERO reduction in pain and it became a devastating reality for both of us. It put a massive strain on our relationship, we couldn’t go out and socialise with friends in restaurants, bars or sometimes even in their homes, because sitting down anywhere was just too painful.


Unlike the unbearable pain Charlotte had to endure, I struggled in a very different way. As a physical therapist my confidence in myself & in my ability to treat people plummeted. I was burnt out both physically and mentally. Every day after work I would come home and gently massage her body for an hour or more knowing that any relief she would feel would quickly subside.

”I felt WORTHLESS as a therapist”

..regardless of the successes I was having at work because the only person that mattered was the person I could not help. I not only questioned my ability as a physical therapist but my future as one! I felt stuck, I felt directionless and I felt that I failed Charlotte!


Enter Dr Shane Murnaghan, this was the pivotal turning point for BOTH of us. Dr Murnaghan, now a good friend of ours, had a workshop which we attended, which showcased a device he invented called GRAVITY that realigns the spine and inhibits over-stimulated nervous systems . Charlotte volunteered to be treated during the workshop and for the 1st time in four years she experienced a noticeable relief. After scheduling a private session with Dr Murnahgan we soon discovered that the root cause of her pain. Her pain was psychosomatic!! Which means that her pain was the result of an accumulation of emotional anguish in her life.

”The pain is REAL, it’s not in my head”

..of course that was the first thing Charlotte said. but after Dr Murnaghan gave his explanation, everything started to make sense! Let’s just say it was a bitter pill to swallow, but in a way a relief. It made complete sense! We finally discovered the SOURCE of her pain!


Since then I have been attending courses, researching medical journals and licking the ink from every page from any book that discusses the human psyche in depth, with regards to chronic pain, disease, trauma, stress and addiction. Since then my awareness of myself and my life expanded in ways I couldn’t have predicted! The more aware I became, the more frustrated I was, because I was so conscious of my unhealthy habits, my perfectionist tendencies, my ability to victimise myself when things didn’t go as planned, my addiction to sugar, my unhealthy relationship with food, my fear of failure. Everything overtime was put in the spotlight.

But in a weird way, I loved it! As frustrating and irritating as it was to witness myself being seduced by these unhealthy habits and justifying my behaviour in doing them again and again, I knew deep down I was on the path towards becoming more resilient & self-empowered the. I was evolving! I was upgrading my MINDSET! Bit by bit I was mastering my body, my mind and my energy! I was beginning to live life more consciously!

Then, over the course of 5 years I developed ‘The Explorer Method’, a method which comprises of ‘5 Universal Keys’ and each key being an essential element & practice for overcoming self-limiting beliefs, thinking patterns & attitudes which are so often linked to someone’s lack of success & happiness in life, or towards their chronic physical pain, illness, anxiety or depression.

”Transformational coaching is my passion, it’s my purpose in life!”

When I’m not doing one to one or group coaching programs, I conduct outdoor group workshops throughout Vancouver which incorporate transformational breathwork techniques, cold therapy, and coaching practices!


Studied the ‘neurobiology of trauma’ from the National Institute for the Clinical Application of Behavioural Medicine through the advanced masters program. Obtained BCP certification (belief clearing practitioner) from Dr Joe Vitale, renowned Personal Development expert, & Dr Steve G Jones, Clinical Hypnotherapist and NLP Master Trainer.

BCP is designed to help you emotionally and mentally let go of the most stubborn mental and emotional blocks by bypassing the conscious mind, as well as any subconscious resistance, and travels straight to the heart of what’s causing the negative belief, counter-intention, or block, which stands in the patient’s way.  

Experienced breathwork facilitator in a unique form of ‘Conscious Circular Breathing’, a technique adopted & taught by Rebecca Kordecki, breathwork & wellness expert.

  • Information packed practical training.
  • Practical learning experience with live project work and examples.